Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Simple things!!

Here I am sitting in Peru, Illinois at the public library with Josh. My back is stiff and I think my boob is still numb-- a slight headache all night, and the worse thing is my throat from the ventilator tube-- but other than that, the lumpectomy was a piece of cake so far. I can't take a shower until tomorrow. I had a really wierd night last night...we had decided to stay in Niles if Andrew's team won, and then come to Peru today, but Andrew called(they won again, but the tough games start today--lose one and we are done) and Jim said he really seemed to "need" to see me, so I said, what the heck--let's go! So we got in the car at 9:00 p.m., with my handy dandy ice bag (I call it my ice clutch purse) and off we went. Ginger did not want me to go and did her best to talk me out of it, but I felt ok at the time and just the thought of Andrew alone without family made me want to go. The ride was very pleasant, Jim and I chatted about books we're reading--he's reading one about a father of a high school baseball player and I just finished The Kite Runner, which was awesome and riveting for lack of a better word. Josh was snug in a blanket in the back seat listening to his I-Pod. It was very simple and so underappreciated in the best of times so I am trying to take in these moments and really cherish them! When we got to the Tiki Inn (think Golden Eagle in the middle of nowhere) Andrew's teammates were just hanging in our room and offered to clear out but it was nice to just see them interact together, as there were kids from Brandywine, Niles and Buchanan. But then when we went to bed, despite this surgery and the lateness of the night, I couldn't sleep--my mind was running a mile a minute going over the days events and how much, in the course of a week, my life has changed but also stayed the same.

I will hear from Dr. Nancy on Friday and I see Dr. A on Tuesday, and the new radiation oncologist next Thursday. Right now, I feel good enough to go back to work but Dr. Nancy will not let me. I am thinking about asking her to release me to make my own decisions in terms of when I am too tired to go--I am fearful that radiation will wear me out too, so why not work a bit now before radiation?

I can't tell you how much your comments and prayers have meant to me. Lori, I haven't had a chance to talk to you in person yet, but appreciate so much the gesture of getting me that literature...I have read through it and placed it in my boob binder that I have built with all my papers, research, etc. I am hopeful I WON'T need it, but it is nice to know it is out there. Also, my good friend Lonnie has offered to fly me anywhere at anytime to see anyone who knows more about this cancer, but at the moment, I think I am in good hands. But having friends and family supporting me is the most important thing.

I have another funny Ginger/Molly story...we were driving home yesterday and Ginger was in the backseat (Jim was driving of course) so I put Ginger on cell phone duty to make all the phone calls to tell of my great results. Well, as you know Ginger and John don't have a cell phone but Ginger was doing a great job of scrolling through my contacts and making calls. I was quite impressed with her skills for someone who has rarely used a cell phone. Anyway, in the middle of her calling out to people, an INCOMING call came in, which confused her a bit, but I saw she was looking at the screen so I said "say yes", meaning hit the yes button to the question "do you want to take a call from Josh", so yup, you guessed it, she looks straight at that phone in a very serious voice and loudly, clearly, says "YES" into the phone. I just about wet my pants and then she started laughing so that I am sure we missed that call. Of course, Ginger is very smart and did know enough about phones that do dial on voice commands so once we stopped giggling, I complimented her on her knowledge of technology. But my phone needed her to push the yes button. Simple things. I am telling you--appreciate them!!!

Going to go out to the field now. Andrew plays at 5:45 and if they win, they play at 9:00. Either way, we will be home late late tonight--either as a world series bound team or as a football player. (Uncle Danny is having small issue with this baseball business!)

Thanks again for all your comments.


Kelly said...

God listens! I was in Lansing working the last 2 days and thought/prayed lots while driving...Great News! I just heard more great is 9:00 and I hear Andrew is in the Championship game! Enjoy it! Love ya Molly!

Katie said...

Hey Mrs. Brawley! I'm actually pretty suprised my mom managed to pull this whole blog thing off!! Anyways, hang in there..i'm praying for you! <3 Katie

Betty said...

Molly, Thankful that you're feeling good and glad you're enjoying family "stuff". I agree with Dr. Nancy - don't think about work. In the final analysis, no one ever says, "I wish I had worked more" (Robert, et al can handle it) Read Hoesinni's A Thousand Splendid Suns. It is even better than the awesome Kite Runner! Tell Andrew I'll talk to Danny - "Football Betty"
My thoughts are with you.
Much Love, Liz