Tuesday, August 21, 2007


That is really all I have to say. Today is the day that I am sick of thinking about cancer, although it was a really good day. It is ironic to me that a cancer basically "stops everything" but life continues on.

I had to get the mop cut tonight. There was a small part of me that sort of hoped chemo would allow straight, blonde locks to grow back in but alas, the mop stays. I also go to the dentist tomorrow--I will tell her (since I tell everyone everything!) to check out those salivary glands for any lumps. I have read that dentists do often find cancer symptoms...I will tell her to dig deep into my throat. Ok, enough about that. When I start telling you about my bathroom habits it will be time to shut me up!

Tonight is Freshmen Orientation--I am not saying much as not being at school for a week has sort of made my brain mush...but I do have to speak. Usually, I like to embarrass kids I know in the audience but don't have it in me tonight. And I probably couldn't embarrass Josh anyway--like I did Andrew and Sam a few years back. Hard to believe he will be with me this year too!

Armpit --oops, I mean axillary region--still aches. The incision is a bit inflamed looking so I switched bras so it doesn't chafe. Chafe is another ugly word.

Cancer is just ugly. Bu tI do love all my little pink gifts.

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