Thursday, August 23, 2007

A normal day, for the most part.

Busy with life. Worked concession stand for football until a big ol' storm came through. (Jim says "my goodness, you have breast cancer. Doesn't that at least get you out of concession stand duty??) Came home in mild hurricane and am now in for the night.

I have joined a breast cancer support site on yahoo and get probably 50 emails a day from those of us fighting's a list serv so I see all the emails. I would say at least two people a day are "diagnosed today." Funny, I feel like a veteran in that area and try to tell them surviving the diagnosis is about 95 percent of the battle. I think about that day and get all choked up--it was worse than anything, even what I am facing now.

Missing Ginger--and John too--just miss the laughter. Although I have had quite a few laughs at work. My friend Jenny, who will KILL me for writing this, was describing a friend of hers who had to go through chemo. She is telling me how this woman coped with it and said "She had beautiful long dick hair"--what she meant to say was "dark" hair--so of course we laughed and about crashed the car. I hadn't laughed like that since Crazy Mil left.

I also learned today that Lori, a cousin, is now teaching with us in Niles! Congrats Lori--it was great to see your excitement!

And a shout out to Quinn--my nephew--who is in the hospital with dehydration. Thought it was appendix--but CT says no. He's just there for overnight and is getting lots of fluids. Goodness--poor thing. Love you Quinners.

That's about it. Can you believe it?

Love to you all. 14 days and counting.



Betty said...

Hey Lady, Hope tonight brings you and Shade some peace and quiet. If not, perhaps you should be the one taking Shade's meds.

Cali Sue doesn't like the boomers either, but she merely jumps up on the bed,burrows in under the covers and cuddles up. Much better than our former dog who would howl at thunder - not a lullabye by a long shot!

Glad to hear you've gotten on the cancer support website. Am sure you are becoming the expert with all your reading and offering great support to others at the same time too. Knowledge is power and your power is amazing.

Seems strange that Jim said "my goodness" to your pulling concession stand duty while a potty mouth friend uses less genteel verbage - Freudian slip? Does Jim know what kind of crowd you hang with? Really, Jen, it was funny.

See you tomorrow. don't forget to remind Robert.

Drat! It is raining again!

Kristina said...

Hey Molly,

I agree that the day of diagnosis was the absolute worse day. It was as if someone ripped the ground out from under me and I was free floating all by myself. All my loved ones were around me trying to reach me and I was in this awful place floating away from everything I knew and felt sure in. I still feel most days as if the ground underneath is unstable and I am trying to learn how to walk in these new shoes with the name cancer survivor on them.

Much love,


Maggie said...

Still love all the stories Molly!! The lady with the hair sounds like a personal problem to me. No more concession stand duty for you!! I will be taking tickets tomorrow night at the burg and watching the gate. Yahoo! Hey Betty hope you see this and count me in for a dinner. I can talk with you at golf. Take care Molly and glad that you have met a support person like Kristina. Someone who knows. Love, Maggie