Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yea! Kristina is here!

If you read the comments from the Lightning Bolt blog you will see that Kristina, who I have never met or talked to, has signed in! She too has "adenoid cystic carcinoma of the breast" (spoken in a Middle Eastern accent ala Dr. Ansari) and is now recovering! I can't tell you how her comment(s) have lifted my spirits...I know all of you will welcome her to our little world and Kristina, you have made my day! I feel for you because of the radiation. I may also have to have it but we will deal with that when it comes--but thank god you are on the road to recovery. My boob is still blue too--and that sentinel node incision is pretty red looking--but coming off in a week or two with the rest of this fat piece of flesh. : )

I just wanted to say thanks for posting Kristina! Everyone say hi to Kristina!



Kelly said...

Welcome Kristina~ Many thanks for lifting Molly's spirits and giving her the gift of someone who REALLY knows what she is going through to share with.

Mimi said...


Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere!

I'm so very happy that Molly has someone to talk to that has "been there, done that." I know it will make all she has left ahead of her a little more tolerable.

Hope things continue on the right track for you as well!

Pam (Molly's sister-in-law; a.k.a. Mimi to the Brawley Bunch)