Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So far, so good.

Ok. forgive me--Jim thinks I am still "stoned" but I have just gotten home from the lumpectomy and want to scream NEGATIVE NODE!!!!! NEGATIVE NODE!! WAHOO!!!! The sentinel node was negative, and Dr. Nancy came out and told my family, with both thumbs up and a huge smile, that she thinks all that she took out was good, clean healthy tissue. She took out what was over the size of a baseball--this isn't the tumor size but what was around the area where the tumor was. (She said that empty area (from the biopsy) was about the size of a business card--so I guess it was a little hollow, so she cut all the way around it like a donut I am imagining.) Now, both the sentinel node and the tissue go to pathology for major testing and I should know the results on Friday. Rarely will the sentinel come back positive after the test in the OR, so I am choosing not to worry about THAT anymore, and if the tissue comes back with some cancer in it, then I will have to go back in for another "re-excision," which will be a major pain in the neck but certainly doable as long as they get that cancer out! I suppose I could worry that there is a different kind of cancer, but Dr. Nancy said everything looked and felt good...she actually feels the tissue and she said it all looked good and felt healthy.

Again, I was lauded and applauded for my big fat fatty boobs. For once fat is good! (ok, I know that doesn't make my poor heart happy--but for now I am at least "not lopsided")Makes for less noticeable changes, and although I do have some gauze on my incisions now I am wearing a regular shirt and you can't tell the difference at all. My nipple however is as blue as the sky from this dye they injected and of course, everything else that is coming out of me is blue--ok, maybe Jim is right. Perhaps I am still stoned if I am sharing that kind of info!

The surgery took about two hours, which was long for those waiting for me. We thought Dr. Nancy was going to come out and tell the results of the node biopsy and she didn't until the end, so that freaked out both Jim and my dad a bit--Jim figured they were taking out more nodes but as it turned out, all was good.

I am in no pain yet--the incision at my axillary line just feels like I have an annoying piece of tape on it, but the boob area is still pretty numb. All my stitches are internal, except for two butterfly stitches that Dr. Nancy will take out at my 10 day appointment.

More later--I am 6 hours post surgery and feel pretty darn good. Glad this part of the journey is over at least until Friday when I get the pathology reports. I have found taking these little victories to heart makes it so much more bearable.

Time to go pet my dog. : )


lori brawley said...

dear miss molly,
we have prayed and prayed for you!!! we have been getting daily updates from george and nancy. did you get the card and info. i left in your house?? i have been so worried about you, but didn't cry until i read the Andrew grand slam story and then cried...what a mom moment!! are you missing his games?? do you need someone to watch you dog??? where was he when i walked into you house?? take care and use all the drugs you want!!
love you,

Mimi said...

Molly B'Golly,

Yea, You! Now, let's keep things going according to plan.

By the way, I agree: GINGER ROCKS!

I will be pissed if you get another tumor diamond, though. Just so you know. Not that I'd go that far to get one, but I would consider it for a minute. Or two.

Now, relax and enjoy the rest of the baseball tournament. We will be waiting to hear tomorrow! (I think a trip to Maine would actually be a great alternative to another tumor diamond!)

Love you,

sheryl said...

Great news. Saw Betty golfing and she let Barb and I listen to your message. You did sound a little stoned.

Love big fatty boobs. I have two of my own!!!!


Betty said...

Molly B. Thanks for the call on your way home. I got the call just as I was teeing off on our group's first hole. I was ecstatic and hit the hell out of my first drive. As Sheryl said, I shared your message with her and Aunt Barb when we all got back to the club house. Course Barb's group won the thing (Surprise) As full-figured gals, Sheryl and I have at least two things that get in the way of a smooth golf swing.
You gave us the best news ever! I love those clear nodes! Yippee! Yippee! Both you and Andrew hit a Grand Slam. Luv ya, Betty

PK said...

GoodGollyMissMolly! You shor got good news! WOOOOOOOOO.
Love the humor between you & Ginger - laughter is the strongest medicine. Keep up the good news...and is fatty-boobs a medical term????