Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A very good day I must say.

Ok, the steri strips are itching like hell right now, and I think I keep losing a few across the state of Maine, but all in all today was a spectacular day with a lot of "wow"s at various views of the ocean from the top of Cadillace Mountain! It was very cool--we just kept driving up and up and up and up--I had Jim open the window of the car to take pictures and then got scared he might fall out over the edge. I did make him drive down as it seemed so steep! But it was gorgeous--something I have never seen before. Even John thought it was pretty inspiring, but of course he still likes the UP better because there were "SOOO many" people at the top of the summit.

After we did that we drove into Bar Harbor, which was so packed with people we just did a big loop and headed home. Jim was thrilled because he saw a HUGE buck in a yard--it impressed John too. Haven't seen a moose but the locals tell us 2-3 people are killed a year in the area because when your car hits a moose, the moose wins.

Tracee, from Dr. Nancy's office called and left me a message on my voice mail and I have my first appointment with the plastic surgeon on Friday at 8:45, and then I think I see her at some point that day for talk about the mastectomy and to check out the lumpectomy post-op. I will be reading a lot on the way home from here I think--I keep coming up with questions but my sister and her boob nurses gave me this very informative book by Judy Kneese called "Your Breast Treatment Handbook." It even has decision charts to help you weigh options in your head...when I do the lumpectomy vs. mastectomy chart, mastectomy always wins so now that I DON'T have an option, it is nice to know mentally I am ok with losing this floppy, bruised, and sliced up thing. (Sorry boob--you're killing me so no more niceties!) : ) I also still have bruises from all the IV's and blood tests but they are fading.

I would say I thought of cancer maybe 6 times today. That isn't too bad. And when I read your comments I smile MORE than 6 times so I am winning! Vikki--I DID flick that little man off my shoulder and so far he hasn't climbed back on yet, but I know he will and I will hit him off again.

The people here are wonderful and seem to love doing this Series. Each day they have school bus drivers who drive about a 3 mile loop from the hotel to the field every 10 minutes or so --that is all they do! So when Andrew wants to go to the field he just goes to the front of the hotel and they take him. Niles certainly could host a series--we told many people about Champ's Field, the high school field, and Thomas Stadium and they thought it sounded awesome. (They are much more impressed with Muhammad and Lonnie than Stephen King, although Lonnie, you are right, they say he is a great neighbor and is usually at the games. They say he will be here this weekend when the game is on ESPN)

The most precious memory of today was watching Andrew sign autographs. The kids here think all of the players are out of this world and even our 1-2 Niles kids thrill them!

Leaving for Boston around 11:00 tomorrow for a 6:15 p.m. flight to O'Hare. Unfortunately, won't be home until 11:30 at night. The Niles team has the day off tomorrow but plays again Thursday night at 8:00 p.m. We will all sit around the computer to listen.

Happy thoughts to all of you. I am tired and going to bed!


Betty said...

Mol, Glad you've enjoyed Maine and all the goings on there. But honestly, glad you're heading back to Michigan. Can't explain it, but it just seems right when you're
here among us :)

Maggie said...

Molly, I have been thinking about you for days!! I am so glad you guys went to Maine. The east coast is beautiful country. Glad the boys had the opportunity too.I will be checking your blog often and keeping in touch.