Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life is sweet.

I missed my first day of blogging yesterday but for good reasons--LIFE! Worked all day, met with new teachers, finished some little scheduling things, and then went to the varsity game. The Vikes lost against the pre-season favorites to win the conference, but despite the score of 26-0, they looked much better than last year. I know how much work the coaches have put in and hopefully they will be paid back with a win vs. Sturgis. Although I have complained a bit about Andrew not being able to play yet, it was sort of a relief last night because 1)he couldn't get hurt standing there on the sidelines and 2)as quarterback, you are the target of many eyes and comments. I want to go back to Rocket Football! : )

Lonnie, it was so good to see you. Can't tell you how your support makes such a difference. I always have a sense of peace when we are done talking. And Vikki--thanks for laughing with me. Your experience is so valuable to me!

Today is normal laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. That isn't so bad. Looking forward to camping next weekend. Hope this week's monsoons are indicative of a DRY weekend next weekend.

Stay strong.



Betty said...

Hey Mol, Ah yes, those first days with the newbies. And next week the "oldies" (excuse me returnees - you know I luv ya) will be back.

Robert told me he is plannig another lunch outing for us. Whatever, let me know. I do want to talk with you about the Brawley family schedule (football, work, etc) so we can get a tentative outline for the Brawley Food Force
(see earlier blog entry). That way we can get Andrew carbed up when he does hit the field, and get full meals/quickie meals/whatever there in a timely fashion for you, Jim, and Josh too. (I'm assuming we'll make our deliveries, say "hi", and leave you to your family) Hopefully, it will be the best food delivery system in town! Also, should know any dislikes or allergies. Anyway, let's talk so you won't have concerns after surgery.

Yes, Maggie, I read your blog entry and have you on my dinner list.

Mol, you're right, "Life is sweet" and as Douglas always told us,
"Attitude is everything"

Keep smilin'

Betty (Liz Mo)

Katie said...

mrs. brawley,
i'm not gonna lie i was pretty upset when you didn't post yesterday..seeing as how me and my mom read your blog like it's the bible..and my mom always says..katie, leave mrs. brawley comments so she knows your reading her blog!! so here it is!! still praying for you:]
<3 Katie