Sunday, August 12, 2007

We lose. But tomorrow is another day.

Ok, Venezuela was the real deal--we lost 12-6 mainly because we didn't hit the ball and walked quite a few. They were very fundamentally soound on defense, and hit the ball up the middle just about every time. Their first pitcher was very good,but when they got up by a few runs, their sub pitchers weren't all that good. I think they are beatable, but not if we don't play our best game. We play the East team tomorrow; they are beatable too-- Kids are having a great time; today for dinner they had seafood newburgh, which Andrew said was awesome. They have a huge tent where the kids eat for free whenever, as long as they have their ID badges on. Tomorrow Ginger and I are going to Stephen King's house to have our pictures taken outside his gates. All the locals say it is very creepy looking. We also got some directions to some restaurants with good, but inexpensive lobster. Mimi is listening to the games on the computer in case you all didn't know you could. We play at 1:00 tomorrow.

Our trip here was very uneventful. Of course,we laughed a lot. We flew from South Bend to O'hare and had a two hour layover--while we were sitting in the airport in Chicago, after walking forever through the concourse, I was trying to put something in my pocket and realized I had my denim capris on BACKWARDS since we left Niles. We about died. Then, on our shuttle from the airport in Boston to our hotel, I sat in the back of the shuttle bus which was a huge mistake, as our driver drove like a maniac and hit every single bump. It was so painful to my poor right boob I finally just hung onto the boob with both hands to avoid bouncing around so much. A scary thing when you have cancer is you have irrational thoughts--as I bounced around in the back I kept thinking that the cancer cells were bouncing throughout my boob and into my body. Tonight I got pretty choked up watching Andrew--I am so proud of him and just don't want to miss any part of my kids' lives. Joshie and I had fun in the stands, although I embarrassed him when Ginger and I screamed "HI PAM" really loud hoping that Pam would here us through the radio broadcast. Another interesting thing about Maine is all the "Attention. Watch for Moose in Roadway." signs. Haven't seen one yet, but may go moose searching tomorrow. : )

Again, thanks for all your words of encouragement. Every day is so different--I never know how or what I will feel. And when I am not being brave, I read your posts and feel so much better. Cancer is awful, but living is so worth it. More tomorrow.



Kelly said...

Molly~ glad the kids are having so much fun, ALL OF YOU! You choked me up this morning, talking about missing out. I know that is not an option. You will not miss out, just as you never have missed out on your kids lives. Enjoy the rest of your time, lobster is the best if you can get past the shell! Love you

Betty said...

Morning Molly, Listening to the game last night, I felt as though I were there with you guys. Also, couldn't get over the idea that this old techie was actually listening to her computer. One announcer struggled with those Venezuelan names pretty badly, pronounced Pompey with an accent on the last syllable, but got NO.14 Andrew Brawley out loud and clear. Missed "Hi Pam".
Backward pants! Would that meet school dress code? Will the weird King notice? You are a wonderful wacky woman and true trend setter. Enjoy every minute

Angie said...


Just read through all of the blogs for the first time. All I can say is thank for thinking of us. There are so many questions that I have had but would not want to bother you with. Thank goodness Mimi has kept me up to date.

Your humor and courage is such an inspiration!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

Tell Andrew and "Tony" aka Phat we are wishing them lots of luck. Go Michigan!


Erin said...

Molly, it's erin green, heather just emailed me your blog info. so i looked it up. Your word's are really amazing...your strength is empowering!!!! Your good people Molly....and anyone that can put up with Al Shirrel and myself their first year of teaching is ready for anything!! Ya gotta go through a little hell before you can get to strong. I'm praying for you every day!!

Mimi said...


Just checking in. Thanks for saying "hi" to me on the radio! Millions of people around the globe have now heard my name! What an invigorating feeling!

I took Shady for a lovely walk around the block tonight. Ok, lovely may be a stretch, but she did get some exercise . . . and I got a torn rotator cuff. Kidding! No, really. Her water dish and food were full, so someone is obviously showing up to care for her!

Wish things would have turned out differently today for the boys. Dang. I have a good feeling about tomorrow though. How are their spirits?

Did Stephen say yes to the chili?

Ok, until next time. . . .

Love you,

Yolanda said...

Hi Molly. Thanks for the update. It's late here and I can't wait until you post your next update of the game played today. I hope they won. I just hate it that I am not there. Tell Jimmy I am salivating until next summer. I am ready for some serious travel baseball. We have to make sure we have all our peeps together for that team. Is peeps still an "in" word to use?

Be good and eat a cheap lobster for me--and wash it down with a couple of cheap strong drinks. I need the drinks for real. The lobster is just for cover.