Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We mercied the Lithuanians! Woo-hoo!

Quick post as we are on our way to Bar Harbor, and Cadillac Mountain, a big hill that you can see the entire coast from certain points.

We won! Played like we USUALLY do. I think we had 14 hits in 5 innings...won 12-2. Andrew hit the game winning run in, went 3-3 today and had a good defensive play too. We think it is Andrew's lucky lobster head carcass that he has in the dugout from our dinner last night.

I have calls in to Dr. Kalinowski to see my next appointments--Jim had to sit by me on the hotel bed to make me make the call. I want to continue to pretend I am cancer free, but after talking to the nurse, I know this is just part of the fight. More tonight. Molly


Vikki said...

Hi Molly,
I finally figured out how to comment back. Sorry it has taken all of this time. Remember that little man I talked about sitting on your shoulder. Tell him to f--- off. I know you are ready to do battle. He needs to get lost. I use to think he really enjoyed tormenting me. So flick him off and just keep getting your info. I know that it is scary! I know that you don't feel safe anymore. I am still here to tell you that it will get better no matte what. The waiting is hard but once you start the agressive fight, you will feel in better control. Sound like you are beating him some of the time, because you are laughing. It is alright to be scared, just part of the process.

Thinking of you every minute!


Betty said...

Mercy! Mercy! Yeah Niles and Hip,Hip,Hurrah for Andrew. Jimmy talks,lobster heads, lots of talent, and positive attitudes -- whatever it took, they done good!

If the Brac tests give you some answers and some tranquility, then why not? As an educator, you know that knowledge is power and helps you set a course of action. I can only imagine that this must be the most difficult journey of your life. However, I know you are, in the whole scheme of things, one of the strongest souls I know. Like Lance Armstrong, race through whatever dark clouds may float by and Live Strong! And as Orphan Annie sang, "the sun will come out tomorrow"

Enjoy Bar Harbor and climb that mountain.

Love ya, Betty

barb garrard said...

I listened to the game this morning while sitting at my desk and fielding calls from parents about who thier children will have as a teacher. At noon, I went over to moms to tell her about the game. I keep getting calls from the nursing home (day and night)about how they are doing. Mom doesn't seem to understand that they don't have a game tomorrow so I will probably get 10 more calls tomorrow. She has cut out all of the articles from the papers and she put them up around her room. I call it Andrew's shrine. She seems to think that it is Jimmy
that is playing. Oh well, she is loving it and it keeps her mind occupied.
Have a safe trip home and we will see you soon. I just finished another good (trashy) book)

altergott said...

Hey Molly! I wish I were in Maine. It sounds like you are all making the most of it and enjoying every second. Think positively Molly and hold onto the power of prayer when things are getting you down. You are loved by so many people who are praying for you everyday.


I don't know who the little man on your shoulder is (Vikki's Blog) but I'd be happy to flick him off for you when he ticks ya off. Let me know.

Jen said...

Moll Brawl!!!!

Ok...so I just typed this whole comment out and was all set to submit it and I couldn't get my account sign in crap right and then I lost all the super astute stuff I just said. Whatever!!! :) Well, okay, it wasn't all that great and, okay, in the middle of it all I know I said something dumb like "I never know what to say on here." Here's the jist:

I miss you a ton and can't wait to have you back to laugh with...we need to do lunch. I just can't get my brain around this whole thing and I'm in total denial myself. I just have no doubt in my mind that you will be fine in the end...even a bit improved (new boobs:) I can't imagine how scary it all is for you, but you are so blessed to have such a good attitude and the support and prayers of so many. Can you believe all the prayers going up for you?! Teddy gave me a little sign for my office that says something like: "God never gives me more than I can handle...I just wish he didn't trust me so much." You can handle every single step of this one day at a time, my friend.

I hope you are feeling good and that you continue to have a blast on this trip. Enjoy every single second!

Love, love, love,

Mimi said...


OMG! Paul Jacobs!?!?! My friend, Stacy, dated him. OK, well, dated may be a stretch, but this is a family show, so we will just call it dated-in-quotation-marks. Tell him that we both (that would be me and Johnny) said hi if he comes to another game.

I love that the team has a victory. Good for Andrew!

I wish you guys could just stay for the conclusion of everyting, but I know duty calls. If I win the Powerball tomorrow, I'm flying us all back up there to watch Thursday's game. That goes for anyone reading this. . . I'll just rent a jet.

I'll talk to you when you get home.


PK said...

Yay Niles Team!! Yay Stephen King's house (proud of you - ur a gifted writer, loved, AND ballsy)! Yay for tourist-ing; but I'm really, really jealous about the lobster.
As for the other stuff: parts-are-parts. If they don't 'work' anymore, you don't need 'em. I know I don't miss my plumbing a bit & feel so much healthier! So many decisions & questions, but after you talk to Dr's. Nancy & Ansari, you're mind will be able to settle a bit & your anxiety will lessen. It's a lot of "hurry-up-and-wait"; so keep reading - it's empowering.
Enjoy your sight-seeing and have a safe trip.
And for some reason I remember the name "Paul Jacobs", too.

Kelly said...

Hey Molly, hope you loved the view from the mountain in Bar Harbor as much as I did.

It is hard for me to be without words...so I borrowed from someone else as I pray for you and the power of positive thoughts...

Shakespeare no less! From an old social studies teacher to the English teacher who taught me so much...and I was not even in your class!

"Make not your thoughts your prisons".-- William Shakespeare

Love you Molly