Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Magic Wands, 3D nipples, mad orthodontists

Still worried about the rash. Used Sheryl's Poison Ivy spray all day--it is cortisone and from the cream last night it does seem a bit more pale--but with my bra strap, it seemed to inflame it so guess what--I am "hanging low and free" if you know what I mean. Such a good feeling whether you have a rash or not. So, I am not going to obsess about this rash for now. Here I have cancer flowing through my mammary glands and I am not worried about that, but a rash the size of a large thumbprint scares me to death. It's all about the unknown. It is also about not seeing a doctor in about three weeks and getting back into worrying habits.

Work was nice today. And the comments I received yesterday were so uplifting! I needed them more than you know. Today, a nurse from Bronson called me just to see how I was doing...she works in the Women's Health Center and treated me when I had the lumpectomy. She read that I was coming back in and just wanted to see how I was and if I needed anything. I did tell her abut the rash and she said it is NOT likely to be anything but a rash, and that Woody, Plastic Surgeon extraordinaire, could take a look at it tomorrow. It was just nice of her to call.

Some members of the staff got me a "magic wand" today--I also got one from Michelle A., who brought it from Relay for Life. I figure I am extra blessed because I have two magical wands! I also learned that ANOTHER friend of mine might be fighting a recurrance--she was going to the onco. today. This cancer is just ridiculous and needs to be eradicated!!!!!! I am waving my wands like crazy.

Did you all check out the funny Save 2nd base website? I love it! Of course, I personally would be too embarrassed to wear the shirt, but would opt for the S2ndB shirt without the baseballs...but I laughed so hard when I saw it. If you haven't seen it look at the upper left corner for the link.

Hey! (I'm excited) I learned to use my Ipod nano! Granted, Josh has to download everything onto it, but I can find songs, my motivational stuff etc. I feel quite hip.

I think tomorrow I talk boob size with Woody. And I am assuming nipple tattoos--that's tah-hhooos to you Jenny F. For Kim's sake, let me explain the tattoo thing. When they reconstruct your breast, oftentimes they can't save the nipple as it may have cancer cells near it. So, you have this new breast mound (their word, not mine) that looks like, well a plain old mound. So, yes, the plastic surgeon then tattoos a new nipple on! What I don't know is how thay make the actual nipple part look 3D--the other part, called the areola, is just tattoo, but in picture I seem to think the nipple part looks 3D. Lordy. One lady I know had a pink BC ribbon tattooed in the nipple. I could have "Jim" or something, but then Robert would be offended. (JUST KIDDING! Jim is my boss, but my husband's name is Jim--just trying to laugh here) Who would have thought in February, when I woke up with pain all over my breast that it would lead to talks of tattoos and magic wands?

Completely forgot about Josh's orthodontist appointment today. Never have I done that before. I will not hestitate to use the sappy "I have breast cancer" story to get me out of a chastising from the orthodontist.

We are hungry. I have suggested ordering pizza. No clean up is my goal tonight. Jim concurs.

Happier night tonight than last night but it is early. I am going to check my rash out I must admit. Boob is still hanging in there. looking pathetic and ready to meet its demise.

Staying strong...



Meg Comerford said...
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Meg Comerford said...

Sorry about the deleted posting i have not blogging sense of what i am doing this late at night and I inadvertently (sp?) wrote my password six times at the top of the posting - so here is the orginial posting without the password all over it - sorry LOL

I have to say you have such a sense of humor - I laugh so hard thinking of you narrating your blog. My vote for the tattoo is something fun - maybe a random flower - or a smiley face - or the word niles ( so it can always be close to your heart).
- Always remember to laugh - it makes the day go faster. Thinking of you in Sunny Buffalo (seems like an oxymoron I know)

Love Ya,

Betty said...

Molly B, Goshes it was good to read Meg's comments. See that she hasn't lost her sense of humor either. Niles tatooed on your boob? How about "Brad Pitt" - now that would be something to brag about! ("HI MEG")

Hope the rash is clearing up. Take it from a poison ivy queen, you can get it anywhere. Have you been hugging Shade too closely?
I did see the Save 2nd Base shirts (oops, I just typed that last word without the r) It was hilarious imaging myself in the baseballs one!

Have a great time camping, wave those wands, and stay strong. Talk with you next week.

Love, Betty

Maggie said...

I am glad you had a good day. One of my fellow teachers across the hall is a breast cancer survivor. She wants to connect with you if that's OK? I bet you are glad I am not camping with all of you since it was always a downpower when I went and had scared boys with me. They were fun times though!! Take Care and I'll talk with you this week. Maggie

PK said...

Will they tat the nipple area whatever color you want? Or a rainbow of colors?? :)
Also, after you heal, you can get a tat on the new boob (pink ribbon is nice) and you won't feel a thing!
Enjoy the camping - what a beautiful weekend forecast. And be glad you don't have Meg with you...hi Meg!

Lisa Clemens said...

Hi Molly,

I just wanted to let you know that Dawson has been praying for you at school every morning. They started a 1/2 day on Tue. He overheard Mark and I talking about you. I will be sure that on the day of surgery that he continues and asks the whole class, or better yet, the whole school to pray for you. There is power in numbers. Enjoy your week-end camping. Lisa C